Celebrating Diversity

Homosexuals and Marriage

Lesbian couple with son and dog

By David Nieting, Minnetonka, Minnesota Why I changed my views on Gay Lifestyles.  I grew up Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.  We were not an overly conservative church in my eyes, but we were not…Presbyterian.  ; )  I always believed God created Adam and Eve, and not Adam and Steve.  This was a view I held for a…

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Because we are Christians we stand with the DREAMERS

We stand with the DREAMERS

Article By Tamara Uribe Don’t Dreamers Deserve to be Deported? There is a common belief that if Dreamers would just “get their act together” and apply for citizenship, their problems would be solved, but because they have frittered away valuable time and not gotten their citizenship application turned in they deserve to be deported. However, if…

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This is my America! Send us your photos.

Yesterday a friend posted a picture from the Minneapolis Star Tribune on Facebook and she commented, “This is my America!” Here is the Star Tribune picture on Instagram. Congratulations to the Minneapolis Star Tribune for such a great photo. What photos do you have that show the beautiful diversity of the United States?

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